Meetup – A Practical Guide to Querying and Visualising (in any language!)

Navino Evans of Histropedia and Wikidata presented at our November Connected Data Meetup about his personal journey into Linked Data, RDF and SPARQL and applications for these within the educational sector.


The talk covered a broad range of topics including:


  • Wikidata adoption & project objectives
  • Data types & standards used in Wikidata
  • Data export methods in Wikidata (API, exports, Sparql endpoint etc.)
  • Navino’s experience of using different programming languages such as Python, C# .NET and PHP in linked data applications
  • A high level overview of the architecture of Wikidata using Blazegraph


We had excellent feedback from attendees particularly with respect to Navino’s excellent introduction for those that have not encountered SPARQL and RDF before. He provided some interactive practical examples of querying Wikidata’s SPARQL endpoint for historical data for applications such as interactive timelines and geo spatial queries and mapping. Navino also provided an overview of the data model design choices taken by Wikidata in terms of labelling URI standards


I think we had our biggest turnout yet and certainly the most interactive meetup I have attended so big thanks to our attendees for lots of audience participation.


The slides are available here.


Big thanks to Navino Evans of Histropedia and Wikidata . Given the upcoming christmas break the next meetup is scheduled for Wednesday 11th January 2017. – sign up here.



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