The Connected Data Landscape

We are often asked what Connected Data is as a discipline or concept. It’s a difficult question to answer, partly because in our mind it is a broad church featuring a range of technologies and skillsets but also because it’s an emerging area whose scope, best practices and skillsets is constantly undergoing refinement inline with ongoing research and commercial projects.


A picture says a thousand words, however it’s a challenge to say the least to to capture this landscape in a single picture or visualisation without drawing some controversy. As you’d expect it is an inherently interconnected space which cannot easily be assigned to cleanly defined categories within a well structured taxonomy – it’s a rich network of technologies, organisations, people and other concepts / entities. Perhaps in the future we will attempt to develop an Ontology or Knowledge Graph to represent this space. However in the meantime a traditional visualisation artefact is a good place to start.


Inspired by the now infamous Big Data Landscape we decided to put together a Connected Data Landscape.  The landscape covers a number of different areas of this rich landscape including:


  • Common storage technologies such as graph databases and triplestores, multimodel, document and other datastores.
  • Linked Open Data sources and Knowledge Bases available online.
  • Ontology development & Data Modelling tools.
  • Standards, formats & standards bodies
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Frameworks
  • Graph Query languages and access frameworks
  • Smart Data Lakes & Virtusalisation solutions


Its an evolving work and we welcome feedback and suggestions on missing or incorrectly placed constituents etc..  Please feel free to contact us with suggestions.


The PDF version is available here. Happy viewing!


Connected Data landscape 2017 v1.0 April2017

Connected Data landscape 2017 v1.0 April2017