Getting Connected Data off the ground in your organisation

Starting to leverage Connected Data tools, techniques and capabilities in your organisation can seem daunting, yet every leader has had to start somewhere. In this panel discussion leaders and newcomers to the connected data space share some practical tips in getting initiatives off the ground and common pitfalls to avoid.

Connected Data landscape 2017 v1.0 April2017

The Connected Data landscape can seem intimidating to those new to the area but it needn’t be.

Whether its a Enterprise Knowledge Graph, graph analytics or semantic search capability you’re interested in building this panel will help you to understand where to start and challenges to prepare for. Topics to expect include:


  • Building a business case for a Connected Data solution.
  • Whether to do your modelling upfront or start with discovery & prototyping first.
  • Which technology suits which maturity levels
  • Common pitfalls to avoid