Building the world’s largest open source of company data

About the talk

Chris Taggart will share his experience of building from scratch the world’s largest open database of companies data (134m companies as of Sep 2017). In his talk Chris will present how the technical engineering challenges and data quality issues faced and how OC worked to overcome these leveraging connected data standards, best practices and technologies such as graph databases.

Chris will also provide a perspective on the wider challenges faced with adopting Linked Open Data standards & principles, what can be done to encourage adoption & what the future looks like. is used extensively in sectors including Government, Financial Services, Investigative Journalism and NGOs amongst others.


OpenCorporates is the largest open source of company data in the world

About the speaker

Chris is co-Founder & CEO of OpenCorporates, the largest open database of companies and company information in the world. He is also a Board Director of Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation, member of UK Government Tax Transparency Board & a member of Open Rights Group’s Advisory Board