How to Build a Corporate Knowledge Graph – from the bottom up

About the talk

All knowledge-intensive industries are about to undergo huge changes as AI automates many low-skilled tasks. To remain competitive most large companies are ready to embrace this fact, but there is a problem:  AI needs clean and connected data to produce good results. The task of linking and consolidating all the data within a company seems impossibly huge. However, no one has ever tried to solve the data integration problem from the bottom up and this represents an opportunity. Tony Seale believes that if the bottom up approach worked on the web for documents, it can work in a company for data. In this talk, Tony will outline how to go about building a Distributed Knowledge Graph over all of your company’s data.

Knowledge Graph

Building a Knowledge Graph can seem like a daunting prospect but it need not be

About the speaker

Tony is a Linked Data Developer specialising in Financial Services applications currently working at an Investment Bank in the city of London.  His main interests are in identifying new approaches to understanding financial risk & data quality issues in financial data sets such as Trade misbookings.