RDF and OWL : the powerful duo

About the talk

In this lightning talk Tara will discuss how you create ontology models to make your data smart (machine-readable) using OWL.  How can these be used to convert existing data silos into a unified RDF fabric and how do you map these datasources into existing ontologies? These are all questions Tara will address in her introductory lightening talk to RDF & OWL.

Whilst many data practitioners recognise the value of reusing common models and precisely defining the semantics of their data often how to get started leveraging existing standards can seem intimidating. Tara’s talk is designed to be an introduction to how OWL and RDF can be used together to address these challenges and how users can fast track their requirements using existing patterns, tools and best practice.


W3C standard OWL adds ontological capabilities to RDF and is used in semantic and AI applications.

About the speaker


Tara Rafaat is Chief Ontologist at NextAngles – an Mphasis company specialising in applying semantics, AI and linked data techniques to compliance challenges within Financial Services. Prior to Mphasis Tara was a Research Fellow at the university of Surrey where she specialised in semantic research into the application of ontologies and matching algorithms within the Industrial Symbiosis domain.

Tara’s areas of interest include Semantic Knowledge Modeling, Knowledge / Ontological Engineering, RDF, RDFS, OWL,OWL-S, SPARQL, Graph theorem, Knowledge Graphs, Property Graphs, Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering.

Tara holds a PhD in Information System Engineering from the University of Surrey.