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Thomson Reuters are sponsoring Connected Data London 2017 as part of their adoption of Connected Data technologies for the next generation of Financial Services data and software products. Through their Big Open Linked Data (BOLD) offering Thomson Reuters are leading the way in terms of adoption of Connected Data approaches within the financial services. Increasingly organisations are recognising that new approaches are required to meet more stringent regulatory requirements, new forms of risk and to compete in an increasingly sophisticated investment environment. Thomson Reuters are leading the way in this regard by enabling deeper and more sophisticated data analysis and screening techniques by leveraging semantic technology, linked data & AI. This enables in the case of regulatory compliance for example a true 360 degree view of a customer’s KYC & AML compliance footprint by fully exploring related parties and beneficial ownership structures.

Regulatory compliance isn’t the only application for Connected Data and Thomson Reuters are enabling Investment Managers to adopt new approaches in their risk management, research and trading strategies. This includes the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP), extraction and linking capabilities to enable sophisticated processing of Big Data. Big Data has always existed in investment management in the form of mainly unstructured research, news stories, legal documents, earnings calls and other content. BOLD enables financial services organisations to assimilate and assemble this content at scale into a unified data fabric that can be easily explored and rapidly queried to deliver answers to common financial questions.


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For those interested in the technical capabilities and stack there will be a chance at the conference to get an overview of Thomson Reuters’ BOLD components and also Thomson Reuters’ approach to Knowledge Representation and Knowledge Graph development. The BOLD stack includes the industry standard identifier (URI) – PermID. This is a component of their Linked Open Data (LOD) infrastructure and used to link data assets and disambiguate entities across related offerings such as their NLP engine Intelligent Tagging and data integration solutions such as Data Fusion.