What is a Graph Database?

About the talk

In this lightning talk Ljubica will provide an introduction to what is a graph database, how it differs to other models such as the relational paradigm and why graph databases are being increasingly adopted. She will outline some common use cases for connected data such as fraud detection, 360° view of customer and recommendations, Definitely not a talk to be missed for those embarking on their Connected Data Journey!

Connected Data landscape 2017 v1.0 April2017

There are now many graph databases of different flavours available.  Neo4j is follows the Label-Property Graph pattern and is the most widely adopted.

About the speaker

Ljubica is a Presales Engineer at Neo4j. Previously an Enterprise Architect, she has always had a fascination with data and the opportunities harnessing it can bring. Ljubica has worked in a variety of different industries, from ecology to logistics, and is always keen to apply cross-functional learnings where they offer opportunities.