Micro-Servicing Linked Data


A prototypical blueprint of a linked data application places a triple store with its SPARQL endpoint at the centre of the architecture, for storing and accessing all application data. However, modern web apps are much more commonly designed around the concept of microservices, i.e., lightweight APIs owning narrow, focused fragments of the data model, and exposing their respective data to the front-end via simple API calls, sometimes in graph formats like GraphQL. In this talk, Charles will discuss a new approach of surfacing linked data from microservices, attempting to bridge the two worlds.


Speaker’s bio:

Charles Ivie is a founder and director at Semantic Integration Ltd., a UK-based company delivering bespoke data and software solutions, focused on applications of linked data and semantics. His professional experience spans over 15 years of software development and technical consultancy by numerous projects, including some pioneering linked data work at BBC, Financial Times and Telegraph Group.