From Semantics and SEO to Knowledge Graphs, and Back Again

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Knowledge graphs are all the rage these days, but for many they are still an exotic notion which is hard to come to terms with. In this panel, experts who have been working with knowledge graphs before it was cool will share their experience.

More specifically, we’ll be looking into the interplay between semantics, SEO,, JSON-LD, and knowledge graphs.

Though it may not be obvious, if you are doing SEO today, you are working with knowledge graphs. Ever since Google popularized the notion of knowledge graphs, it’s been things, not strings. The “things” that search engines can understand are all in, which is, you guessed it, a framework for building knowledge graphs.

Semantic SEO experts Jono Alderson and Andrea Volpini, and expert knowledge graph builder Panos Alexopoulos will share how to onboard yourself to knowledge graphs via and JSON-LD, as well as the specifics of working with these technologies, and how they can be used to kick-start your own knowledge graphs.

We’ll also look at the other direction in this equation: how you can use your knowledge graphs to boost your SEO. Last but not least, we will examine the evolution of

Moderated by David Amerland

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