Enterprise Data Governance: Leveraging Knowledge Graph & AI in support of a data-driven organization

Nodes Room

As one of the largest financial institutions worldwide, JP Morgan is reliant on data to drive its day-to-day operations, against an ever evolving regulatory regime. Our global data landscape possesses particular challenges of effectively maintaining data governance and metadata management.

The Data strategy at JP Morgan intends to:

a) generate business value

b) adhere to regulatory & compliance requirements

c) reduce barriers to access

d) democratize access to data

In this talk, we show how JP Morgan leverages semantic technologies to drive the implementation of our data strategy. We demonstrate how we exploit knowledge graph capabilities to answer:

1) What Data do I need?

2) What Data do we have?

3) Where does my Data come from?

4) Where should my Data come from?

5) What Data should be shared most?

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