David Amerland

International Speaker, Author and Business Journalist

David Amerland talks about data mining, search, the social web and how they all converge in the decision making space. The digital world is changing fast. Many of these changes apply pressure to the offline one. David helps make sense of the change by providing an independent, detailed view of the picture that is emerging.

In addition to the books he writes, David also advises a handful of companies globally, blogs for a number of websites , including Forbes, journalism.co.uk, Imassera and Social Media Today and writes for a number of high profile magazines and newspapers.

Thanks to semantic search, Social Media marketing, branding and SEO have largely converged. Bringing all this together within your organisation is never easy and in all likelihood you will benefit from knowing what has worked for others. This is what David helps with.

My Sessions

From Semantics and SEO to Knowledge Graphs, and Back Again

Nodes Room

Knowledge graphs are all the rage these days, but for many they are still an exotic notion which is hard to come to terms with. In this panel, experts who have been working with knowledge graphs before it was cool will share their experience. More specifically, we’ll be looking into the interplay between semantics, SEO, […]

Nodes Track