Geoffrey Horrell

Director of Applied Innovation, London Lab at Refinitiv

Geoff has been involved in the creation and commercial launch of the Refinitiv / Thomson Reuters Knowledge Graph.  The only financial published financial Knowledge Graph contains over 2 billion relationships, with updates continuously pushed to customers.

Leading the London Applied Innovation team. Applying Design thinking with the UX & UI team, directing pioneering work and solving complex problems with the Research & Data Science team. Having a lot of fun with the worlds best data sources.

Over the last ~20 years Geoff has created and launched numerous content products which are increasingly created with machine learning and NoSQL technologies.

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My Sessions

Graph Databases Will Rule the World in the 2020s. But Why, and How?

Edges Room

Some of us may have been saying that for years, but now the Gartners of the world are picking up on it too. So, the Gartner oracles have spoken: “The application of graph processing and graph DBMSs will grow at 100 percent annually through 2022 to continuously accelerate data preparation and enable more complex and […]

Edges Track